Social Justice for Social Change 


Communities that are actively engaged in protecting human rights, transformation in health, education, economy, youth development, women empowerment, and children’s system towards the realisation of social justice.

Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture, strengthen and promote collective knowledge, skills, and capacity of community-oriented activists working in the field of accountability and social action in health, education, youth development, women & children empowerment promoting active citizenship to make systems responsive and equitable and people-centered.

Social Change (SONGE) was founded on 12 October 2012 in Mthatha – KSD Municipality, South Africa, advocates for increased access to better health, education, economy, youth empowerment, women and children and support services for vulnerable groups, disadvantaged communities and campaigns for a better life for all as it is enshrined by the Constitution.   With the majority of unemployed young graduates, activists, and ordinary members from all walks of life in South Africa, Social Change seeks to ensure that different communities are actively engaged in promoting accountability and transformation of health, education, economy, youth empowerment, women, and children’s systems towards the realization of social justice in our communities.

The concept of the organisation is that the organisers of Social Change precisely are so and intended to keep the organisation’s beneficiaries to all at the community level.  This includes keeping the organisation at its toe in service delivery for its intended results. Even though in the future the organisation may expand and address other affected countries on service-based programs, SOCIAL CHANGE’ initiative believes that the spirit of this initiative upholds the needs of all intended. This was the initial goal of the Organisation from its inception and is currently determined to keep that direction it was intended for. In providing for the intended recipients, SOCIAL CHANGE strives to provide all knowledge-based information to all citizens. This includes its campaigns and other services it intends to provide in the future. By becoming a strong and well-supported organisation, SOCIAL CHANGE becomes the hope and aspiration for all. The organisation seeks to master this through campaigns, advocacy, legitimacy, lobbying, expansion, and services provided for intended recipients.

Meetings have been set and consultations have been made and the Social Change has been registered so that they can meet the required standards to operate as an entity. In facilitating this, the organisation will look for more opportunities with similar aims and objectives so that it can meet all the requirements that will be required in the processes.