IACT Health Facilities Excellency

About the program

This programme has been able to train, support and evaluate1131 in the district with 547 of clinics in KSD and 1840 in Nyandeni local municipalities. These clinics provide treatment adherence, nutrition adherence, OIs, etc to our beneficiaries. The organisation has managed to partner with Masibumbane Development Organisation (MDO) and South Africa Partners. Their main contribution of support were facilitation of workshops on train the trainers and formulation of adherence clubs and sustainability of support group. 

We have also been able to explore these following opportunities:

  • Expanding this programme by adding two health facilities in our basket.
  • We have increased our Health Facilities Facilitators from 3 in 2014 to 18 to date
  • Every recruited Health Facilities Facilitators undergo an eight weeks mentorship training to be able to obtain a needed skills for their day to day work activities.