The organisation has been able to provide these services while operating in OR Tambo District and Alfred Nzo.

Community Service Programs 

Bridging the Gap program

The founding members saw a gap in newly diagnosed HIV positive clients in the community of Nyandeni Local Municipality and they started the programme in 2012. The organisation started by educating the communities about the risks of refusing on taking and using ARVs when tested for CD4Count and your viral load has dropped to less than -200 (2012). The organisation started to simultaneously work with key health facilities approved by the department of health to provide the HIV/STI and TB services to assist with tracking the newly diagnosed clients. As soon as these clients are identified, they are linked with Social Change community-based programme Support Group Monitors.

Young Leadership Development Program 

YLDO is the exchange program design to motivate and shape young people to take responsibility for their own lives.  This program has brought over 21 young leaders since it started, beginning in 2013, for leadership training, academic work, and mentoring. It created unique opportunities in King Sabatha Dalindyebo to put those new skills to practical use in propelling economic growth and prosperity and strengthening democratic institutions.

Women and Children Support

All people have the right to live free from violence and domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is a pattern of behaviors that include the use of alcohol, coercion, and intimidation (physical, sexual, mental, emotional, or financial abuse) to gain power over one’s partner. People who abuse come from all classes, cultures, sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, region, ethnicity, physical or mental ability, or age. People who choose to abuse are the only people capable of changing…

Adolescent Girls and Young Women

The adolescent and youth programme is there to educate and empower adolescents and youth on the ills of gender stereotypes, stigma, and discrimination in the communities of OR Tambo and also service other girls, boys, and young people in the nearby cities outside OR Tambo district municipality.

We provide the participatory workshops, township theatre, and educational dialogues to reach out to boys and young people and to …

The LGBTI/MSM Programme

The LGBTI/MSM Programme was formed to create a safe space for closed members of MSM/LGBTI members and also form a supportive group/circle of support where they get into a safe space to encourage one another on dealing with stigma and discrimination they experience in the communities they live in, work at and socialise at. There is also open and closed dialogue with the key population to discuss possible advocacy campaigns in ending stigma and discrimination in their communities. The programme is currently servicing 112 LGBTI and 72 of MSM.

Integrated Access to Care and Treatment (IACT) Programme

This programme has managed to reach more than 5000 people in the I ACT program. This program has been implemented on two sub-districts namely King Sabatha Dalindyebo (KSD) local municipality and Nyandeni local municipality. Most of our members are from KSD and we have managed to place more facilitators in that local municipality.  The majority of I ACT educational sessions are overtaking place in communities than in health facilities. Currently, Social Change is working in partnership with five health facilities.

IACT Health Facilities Excellency

This programme has been able to train, support and evaluate1131 in the district with 547 clinics in KSD and 1840 in Nyandeni local municipalities. These clinics provide treatment adherence, nutrition adherence, OIs, etc to our beneficiaries. The organisation has managed to partner with Masibumbane Development Organisation (MDO) and South Africa Partners. Their main contribution of support was the facilitation of workshops on the train the trainers and formulation of adherence clubs and the sustainability of support groups…

Resource Mobilisation

The organisation reviews their strategic implementation plan every year and compare it with the National Strategic Plan for HIV, STI and TB. This is to ensure that we are in line with HIV, STI and TB interventions in the country,

In the OR Tambo where we are currently situated, we have been able to partake in the following interventions to ensure there is the visibility of the organisation:

  • OR District AIDS Council

The organisation also have a seat in the provincial men sector, Civil Society Forum at the Eastern Cape AIDS Council, and represent the province in the South African National AIDS Council

Community Home-Based Care/Community Treatment Adherence Clubs

Currently, this programme is servicing 100 beneficiaries infected with HIV, Tuberculosis, Arthritis, Diabetes, Ear Infection, High Blood Pressure, and Asthma.