The LGBTI/MSM Programme

About the program

The LGBTI/MSM Programme was formed to create a safe space for closed members of MSM/LGBTI members and also form a supportive group/circle of support where they get into a safe space to encourage one another on dealing with stigma and discrimination they experience in their communities they live in, work at and socialise at. There is also an open and closed dialogues with the key population to discuss possible advocacy campaigns in ending stigma and discrimination in their communities. The programme is currently servicing 112 LGBTI and 72 of MSM.

The secondary beneficiaries are the community where our main beneficiaries are from. These areas are selected after being recognised as a hot post for stigma and discrimination. This programme is currently implemented in the OR Tambo district municipality. These identified hot post for community engagements are mostly but not limited to government public clinic, home affairs, schools, villages and townships. Only the members of MSM/LGBTI programme are employed to work on this programme. They use one on one, group discussion, participatory workshop sensitisation methodologies.

The programme has successfully reached out to men who are married and in the closed on their MSM activities, closed gay men whom are scared to be known by parents and siblings for fear of rejection. We have a support group/circle of support for these men and also have another support group for openly living MSM/LGBTI members. From time to time, the organisation will invite a well-spoken members from the openly MSM/LGBTI member to be the special guest to the Closed MSM Support group for support, education and steps on how to overcome rejection from love ones after you were or outed yourself.  This has help some of our bisexual men members to disclose to their wives or partners. Others are living with their wives happy after they have disclosed their sexual orientation. Others became in a separation of marriage with their partners

Social Change organise partner Screening of TB and STI and testing of HIV happens during the support groups. MSM/LGBTI members are encouraged to screen and test every time they come for the support group. They also provide with prevention tools (condoms, lube and gloves). They also provided an educational talk about safe sex, anal safe sex and erasing myths about preparation of having anal sex. This has assisted to interpret the IEC (information, education and communication) materials that are mostly if not all written in English. Some of our members have a low education qualification and some are not equip to read English for understanding.